Our Services

Student/Athlete Pick-up

We’ll help you get your kids to their basketball and baseball practice, music performance, or any other place they need to go.

OAK Airport Pick-Up/Drop-Off

Nobody wants to leave their car at the airport, but getting a shuttle is expensive and difficult. With OurGoToGirl, we make sure you’ll be on time for your flight every time.

Car Service to Downtown San Francisco

Parking in San Francisco is a nightmare and costs a fortune. We’ll get you there in comfort while we listen to your favorite music!

Car Service to Walnut Creek

There are so many reasons to head into Walnut Creek. We’re happy to transport you and your family/friends to, or from, your favorite Walnut Creek location.

SFO Airport Pick-up/Drop-Off

Getting to the airport in time for your flight has never been easier.

Car Service to Downtown Oakland

We can get you to Oakland for an appointment, to do some shopping, or any other event you want to get to; no need to find expensive parking!

Car Service Within “Lamorinda”

Getting around town can’t be easier than having your own car service. Let us safely get you and your family/friends around locally.

Car Service to Martinez AmTrak

Catching the train can be a relaxing way to travel, but getting to the train station can be a pain. We’ll get you there on time in comfort.

Hourly Car Service

Getting your own private car service is expensive, but not with OurGoToGirl! We’ll cart you and your friends/family around the area with time for you explore each place.

Grocery Shopping & Delivery

Wouldn’t it be great if your groceries could pick themselves up? We’ll provide the next best thing: we’ll go shopping for you and bring home all your favorites.

Costco Shopping and Delivery

Shopping at Costco is like a marathon; you have to survive the parking lot, navigate the busy aisles, endure the check out, and haul everything back home. We’ll do the heavy lifting–a.k.a. All of it!

Personal Errands

Grabbing the dry cleaning, picking up prescriptions, running to the post office; you’re already getting a headache aren’t you? Don’t worry, we’ll take care of those for you.

Gift Wrapping

It’s the thought that matters. We agree, but we’ll still help to wrap your “thoughts” up and put a bow on top.

Office Lunch Pickup

Who wants to go pick up the office’s lunch orders? Nobody? No problem, Our Go To Girl will swoop by and deliver your orders from multiple restaurants to your office.

Contractor & Package Receiver

We’ll watch the house while you run out, and we’ll make sure that you don’t miss a package, repairman, or contractor when they show up.

Out of Town House Check Up

Do you want somebody to water your plants and bring in your mail, but you don’t want somebody sleeping in your bed? Perfect! We’ll drop by and take care of the house for just an hour.